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Pros & Cons of Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are truly a classic in the window treatment world. But while they’re a classic, they’re also
incredibly versatile. Whether your aesthetic is lovely Southern charm, free-spirited beachy ambiance, or something in
between, plantation shutters can meet your aesthetic needs.

That being said, there are pros and cons to everything, and just because we love them doesn’t mean everyone else
will. Plantation shutters serve different functions from window shades, blinds, or screens, and so we’re breaking down
the pros and cons for you so you can decide what’s right for your home.

The Pros

Increased Value

Shutters are a window treatment that actually increases the resale value of your home. This kind of investment now,
even if you’re planning on living in your home for some time, can put more money in your pocket when you do sell.


When you choose shutters for your home, you’re making an investment. And quality shutters are a long-lasting
investment that can last you decades. Because there is no fabric, they won’t fray. Without cords, there’s nothing to
tangle or break. And when you choose high-quality shutters, the material won’t fade, chip or warp. When cared for
properly, plantation shutters stand the test of time, while looking amazing.

Easy to Clean

If you’re looking for low maintenance but still want that perfect aesthetic? Plantation shutters are the way to go.
Because of the material, dry wiping them easily removes dust and pet hair build-up. And if by some chance something
spills or splashes on them, a wet cloth will easily clean up the mess. No fuss, all functionality and beauty.

The Cons

Higher Price Point

Shutters are not always the most expensive window treatment, but often their price point does make homeowners
leery. Plantation shutters are an investment, but they’re durable and long-lasting. Most often, homeowners will use
shutters on the exterior of their homes.

Always In Sight

Unlike shades or blinds that can be pulled up to the top of the window, or to one side, shutters are always in
view. Many homeowners like being able to have their window treatment out of sight and their windows open to allow
full light into their homes during the day, whether for energy saving or because they prefer it. Shutters can be
opened; they do rest to one side and take up space while doing so. They won’t disappear from view.

Furniture Placement

When it comes to shutters, you need to carefully plan how your room is going to be set up. Because plantation
shutters don’t roll up or to one side and open outwardly, they need space. You’ll need to be sure that your
furniture is placed in such a way that when you open your shutters, they have room to swing-out.

Any window treatment has its pros and cons. We hope that this article gives you a good starting point when it comes
to the decision of whether or not you want to have plantation shutters installed in your home. If you have any
questions or would like to schedule a consultation, give us a call at 888.818.2468 today.

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