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How Can I Keep My Blinds Clean?

It depends! Typically, what accumulates is dust and pet hair. If that's the case, beginning with a dry dusting is the best way to go. Water and dust can equal a mess which can stain your carpet and furniture if you're not careful.

  • Grab a microfiber cloth.
  • Turn your blinds to the open position.
  • Wipe your blinds from top to bottom, being careful to not bend the blinds.
  • Work from the top, so that the dust you wipe away falls down. You don't want to have to go over all the blinds again!
  • When you're done, vacuum or sweep any fallen dust from the floor.
  • If your blinds are more soiled, it could require a little more elbow grease.

For Plastic Blinds

  • Remove as much dust as possible using the steps above.
  • Fill your bathtub with warm water.
  • Remove your blinds from the window carefully and place them in the tub to soak for an hour.
  • Wipe away anything remaining after the hour.
  • Carefully dry your blinds or let them air dry. Ensure they are in the open position so that no dampness will remain.

For Wooden Blinds

  • Follow the instructions for removing dust, as listed above.
  • What is remaining can be wiped and gently scrubbed away with a microfiber cloth and cleaner.
  • Be sure to remove any excess cleaner and allow the blinds to dry.

And that's it! Maintain your blinds and the ease of cleaning them by wiping them down on a regular basis.

How Can I Ensure My Blinds Will Fit My Window?

Need the perfect fit for your new blinds? Everything begins with an accurate measurement.

  • Determine whether or not your new window décor will be an inside mount or an outside mount.
  • Use a metal tape measure to accurately measure to the nearest ⅛ inch. Do not deduct or increase.
  • Make a note of the measurements!
  • For an inside mount: measure the inside of the window frame across the top, middle, and bottle. For height: at the left, middle, and right side. Measure the window depth as well. Record the narrowest width, the longest height, and the window depth.
  • For an outside mount: measure the overall area and consider adding an extra 3 inches to the width and height to added coverage against sunlight and for privacy.
  • Outside mounts typically require at least 2 inches of flat surface above the window or frame for the mounting brackets.

Be sure to do proper research on the types of tools you will need to mount your blinds.

How Often Should I Change My Blinds?

For home maintenance, changing your window coverings every 7 to 8 years is good.

However, there are a lot of reasons why you might need to change them more frequently, such as:

  • Warped or bent slats
  • Difficult or impossible to raise or lower
  • Frayed cords
  • Yellowed or discolored slats
  • Frayed edges
  • They don't close as tightly
  • Not child-proof
  • Out of style

If any of these questions seem familiar, then it might be time to get new window coverings.


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